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Garmin's ransomware attack is another example of the cloud's single point of failure

  Photo by Bruno Aguirre on Unsplash In a previous post, I discussed how cloud and on-premises infrastructure are not mutually exclusive options, even in 2020 where cloud adoption continues to grow. While cloud has a lot of benefits for smaller IT departments and remote staff, it also has the inherent weakness of a single point of failure: an internet connection. Cloud services rely on a connection to the cloud service provider, and if that connection is severed due to internet loss or systems outage on the provider's datacenters, the service will become nearly or completely unavailable. The ransomware attack on Garmin's systems in July caused many of its services to be offline for five days while the company worked to restore service. The outage was exacerbated by fact that Garmin's fitness app, Garmin Connect, is almost entirely inoperable without an internet connection. As a result, I was not able to record any health metrics or track my runs on my Forerunner 230 until